It’s no mystery with all who know me that I love Disney! I grew up watching the Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday at 6pm, eating dinner on a TV tray in front of an RCA color television. I was so blessed…

We teach in our Clinical Business of Dentistry Training the importance of giving our patients, what we call, the Disney experience. One of our Facebook reviews exemplifies what I’m talking about:

“Dr. Rob and his staff are the best! They are all so friendly, do great work, provide a clean/welcoming environment, and are very educational- they truly care! And major bonus: My three-year-old loves going to the dentist, because they are so great with her!”

This writing is probably one of the most important pieces I will ever produce, but it will also be one of my shortest. Simply go on to Amazon and order this book: Lessons from the Mouse by Dennis Snow. Disney U is also a great read. Have all of your team read both, and discuss them often in team meetings. It will give you a whole new view on customer relations, and how to give exceptional customer service.

Think about how you currently present needed treatment to your patient. If you’re like most offices, you describe the treatment needed, and send them home with a printout from your practice management software containing the all-impressive codes, descriptions, and fees. And if you’re lucky, your software might have “patient verbiage” that is supposed to be patient friendly, but it isn’t. I know, I have it too.

This is where My Dental Docs bridges the gap between diagnosis and case acceptance. If you want to give your patients the “Disney” experience, then sign up for My Dental Docs and print out the treatment documents which augment your software treatment planner. Those who use our cloud-based dental software more fully understand what I’m saying. My Dental Docs is to patient oral health care and customer service as Disney is to life!

My dream is to one day attend Disney University. I hope it will be yours too. It truly is a privilege caring for those we serve.

Rob Thorup, DDS

Clinical Director/Co-Founder

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