Insurance Misinformation


The ability to differentiate products and procedures has not always existed in dentistry. The explosion in dental technology has allowed this to evolve. The question is often asked, “But will insurance companies allow you to do this?” For Heaven’s sake people, why do we as health care providers continually ask this question? Remember these words: VALUE ADDED SERVICE. When you differentiate a product or service, it is either a cosmetic or a value-added service. These costs are between you and your patient; they are not covered by insurance because they are “created” codes, not covered codes. I am not [...]

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Welcome to My Practice My Business


The team at My Practice My Business is made up of dental professionals and technology specialists who have been creating dental practice centric products and training since 2005. Our mission at My Practice My Businesshas been to create simple to use cloud-based dental software and easy-to-implement dental consulting that significantly increases practice revenues with need-based dentistry. We are specialized instructors of “clinical business” with our Clinical Business of Dentistry Training. We simply teach dentists, dental teams, and dental consultants how to increase practice revenue through the use of our key methods and products, with everyday dentistry. Our two cloud-based dental software products that are improving the success of [...]

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