Why Can’t Dentists Accept Business Concepts?


It was the UDA dental convention this past week. We had a booth there and got to rub shoulders with our clients, potential clients, and many soon-to-be new clients who signed up for our training. Something a doc said to one of our team members at our booth has stuck with me, and I want to talk about it. When our team member asked the doc if he had heard about My Practice My Business, he said something along the lines of, “…yes, I’ve heard about MPMB, both good and bad.” Now, I understand I might offend some people. But [...]

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PPO Profitability: Yes, It Does Exist


I was asked to write an article on how to be profitable with PPO Plans, because that is our specialty here at My Practice My Business (MPMB). It’s honestly such a broad topic, as all of you who have been through our training here at MPMB understand, that I simply didn’t know where to start at first. However, I will be so bold in my old age as to start with this: those who tell you to dump PPO Plans, or even a part of them, have no clue what they are talking about. Put another way, those who go [...]

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Why PPO Plans Are Killing Your Profits


We often hear dental professionals express their concerns, saying, "I'm working harder, but taking home less," or "my team is asking for raises, but there's just not enough money." These concerns highlight a common dilemma that dental practices encounter—the struggle for profitability, particularly when dealing with PPO Plans. Our goal is to shed light on the practical aspects of profitability within your practice and offer solutions that can make a substantial difference. The Profitability Challenge Before we explore the solutions, let's first understand the problem. One key element of this puzzle is overhead costs. To give you a [...]

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Debunking PPO Myths


Obstacles or Opportunities It's time to put an end to providing free dental services at the mercy of dental insurance companies and their misleading guidelines. Additionally, bid farewell to misinformation and break free from dependence on dental advisors who lack the necessary expertise. Discover how My Practice My Business (MPMB) can empower you to achieve fair compensation through PPO plans and, surprisingly, your self-pay patients.  Who are we? At My Practice My Business, we blend practical dental experience with the insight gained from business degrees. Over the years, we've trained thousands of dental professionals, covering essential topics such as profitability, [...]

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No, ADA, You Should Not Report Full Fees To Payers


I’m sure many of you saw the business article published in the ADA Weekend Edition and in the ADA Finance Edition titled: “ADA Council Urges Dentists to Report Full Fee to Payers.” Don’t worry, I’m about to rip this ridiculous article to pieces. Let me be very clear from the start. Dental Insurance Companies, commonly called “third-party” payers, DO NOT SET THEIR REIMBURSEMENT FEES BASED UPON YOUR FEE-FOR-SERVICE FEES. For the ADA to say otherwise is unbelievable to me. They should know better. It’s articles like this that drive ADA membership down, because those of us in PPO-driven states know [...]

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The Dangers of Dropping Dental Insurance Plans


As a dentist, you may feel frustrated with the limitations of being a provider for dental insurance plans. You may be considering dropping some or all of the insurance plans you participate in. Before making this decision, it's important to consider the potential risks and consequences. Pros and Cons of Being a Provider for Dental Insurance Plans Being a provider for dental insurance plans can come with both pros and cons. One of the main benefits is that participating in insurance plans can help attract new patients who are searching for a [...]

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Dentists Leaving Delta Dental


The number one trend we've noticed is dentists leaving Delta Dental. It’s no mystery that dental insurance causes headaches for dental offices across the nation.  Working With Dental Insurance We have rubbed shoulders with all the major dental insurance providers in the nation for many years. We worked very closely with many of them when we passed the “Network Leasing, Downcoding, and Bundling Protections Law” in 2020. As one of the biggest providers, Delta Dental seems to cause the most grief for dental offices.  Most dental offices spend hundreds of hours every month trying to get reimbursed by [...]

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Why are dentists dropping dental insurance?


The message to drop dental insurance seems to consume every dental channel. Facebook groups discuss it frequently. I’ve even seen booths pass out stickers to promote this at conventions. As the cost of living increases, dental insurance reimbursements certainly do not cover the costs of dental procedures. With more and more dental offices frustrated with insurance, it’s no wonder why everyone is talking about it. The Risks of Dropping Insurance Some areas in the United States can support high percentages of fee for service patients. However, if you’re like us, over 70% of our patients use dental insurance. [...]

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5 Things Your Dental Office is Doing Wrong


The title may sound harsh, but after working with hundreds of dental offices, we’ve discovered that nearly every office does the same things that negatively affect the practice. These actions ultimately decrease revenue, patient retention and employee satisfaction. The worst part is many of the things mentioned below have been preached in dentistry for YEARS. So, we can’t really blame you, but we can help “change you” for the better! So, where does this misinformation come from? Much of it comes from insurance companies. That’s right! They spread false information to dental offices and then “dental consultants” pass it [...]

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If Dental Insurance Doesn’t Pay For It


Dental insurance plans don’t pay for tooth whitening, yet most dental offices charge the patient for it directly. The same applies to electric toothbrushes. However, when it comes to better technologies, materials, or skills, offices will write off thousands of dollars each month. In those three examples just listed, you wouldn’t think of not charging the patient for those services. In contrast, very few dental offices charge for local anesthetic, oral facial images, and pulp vitality tests, yet you should. There are costs of goods combined with overhead associated with those services. This ultimately means you’re losing money [...]

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