Elevate Your Dental Office’s Brand Image

Discover the power of effective branding and exceptional visual communication for your dental office. We specialize in providing professional graphic design, printing, photo/video, and web design services tailored to the unique needs of dental practices. With our expertise, you can enhance your brand image, instill trust in your patients, and ultimately increase your revenue. 

Design & Printing

Photo & Video

Web Design

Graphic Design and Printing Packages

Let your prints do the talking and leave a lasting impression with our graphic design and printing services. With each package, you’ll receive a custom folder and pocket handout that beautifully represents your practice’s brand. We’re even sweetening the deal with free shipping and a speedy 3-4 week turnaround time. 




500 Presentation Folders





1000 Presentation Folders





2500 Presentation Folders


Case Presentation Folders

Transforming Case Acceptance: Say Goodbye to Boring Fee Schedules

During training, you discovered just how important case presentation is with My Dental Docs. We all know that case acceptance hinges on connecting with the patient’s emotions (the limbic system, for you science buffs). So forget those bland old fee schedules with boring codes and descriptions – they just don’t cut it. 

Lucky for you, you’ve already got My Dental Docs, which helps patients understand the “why” behind their treatment. Now all that’s left is to present it in a folder that’s as beautiful as your winning smile. 

Details: 9 x 12 inches, 2 pockets

Photo & Video Packages

When it comes to dental marketing, professional photos and videos are game-changers. Believe it or not, the “team” and office tour pages are the second and third most visited pages on a dental website. For those offices aiming to truly stand out in a saturated market, we offer additional services such as patient testimonials and staff interviews. Let us showcase your exceptional team, highlight what sets you apart, and create engaging content that resonates with your audience. 

*There is an additional travel fee for offices outside Salt Lake and Utah County. 




Individual Headshots

Team Portraits

Headshot Retouching

Backdrop Options

High Res & Web-Size

2-3 week turnaround 




Essentials Package Plus:

Facility Photos

Professional Lighting

High Res & Web-Size

2-3 week turnaround 




Premium Package Plus:

Office Tour Video

4k Footage

4-6 week turnaround 

*Additional $50/person for teams greater than 10 people.

Photo Gallery

Web Design Packages

Our dental websites offer the advantages of a custom design, saving dental practices from high development costs and maintenance hassles. Utilizing a sophisticated template and database system, these websites can be easily customized with specific colors, photos, and text elements to reflect your practice’s unique brand. Once the website is set up, a low monthly maintenance fee covers hosting and most future changes, providing convenience and affordability for your practice.


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We look forward to discussing marketing solutions with you and your team.


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