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Discover the Secret to Paying for Advanced Dental Technologies Faster

At My Practice My Business, we blend practical dental experience with the insight gained from business degrees. Throughout the years, we have successfully trained thousands of dental professionals, expediting the payoff of advanced technologies by enhancing their comprehension of return on investment (ROI). Our mission is to guide dental practices to increase profitability through the instruction of advanced analytics, insurance procedures, and dental regulations.

Featured Courses

Essential Front Office Training

Study the patient journey, from setting an appointment to paying for services. Learn how to overcome dental office challenges involving communication, leadership, and insurance protocols.

  • 2 days
  • Front Office
  • Live
  • $995
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Dental Business Team Training

Our most popular course:  Discover how to improve patient care and practice success by mastering cost management, understanding insurance contracts, state regulations, and other business aspects.

  • 3 Days
  • The Entire Team
  • Live or Virtual
  • $40,000
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Advanced Business Training

Master business skills needed to streamline workflows, manage each aspect of a profitable dental practice, and understand advanced analytics using our exclusive web-based program My Dental Stats.

  • 3+ Days
  • Docs + Front Office
  • Live
  • $15,000
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Boost Profits or Pay Nothing: The Ultimate Training Guarantee

Our dental business training has helped hundreds of dental practices increase net revenue. We’re so confident in its positive impact that we offer a unique guarantee: we only profit when you do. Combine all three trainings to save nearly $4,000:

– Initial Downpayment: $5,000
– Total Tuition: $52,000 (Save $3,995)
– My Dental Docs Subscription: $199/month

The remaining balance is collected monthly based on 20% of your newfound monthly production increase, derived from procedure codes never used before.

*Please note, there’s an additional fee for virtual and hybrid training.

Secure Your Training Spot Today

At My Practice My Business, we are committed to your success in every aspect. That’s why we offer a training guarantee that truly sets us apart from other consultants. Here’s how it works: we only make money when you do. This is all based on trackable codes you’ve never utilized before.  Join us today to secure your training spot, and let’s embark on a journey where your prosperity is our mutual goal.

Explore Our Training Courses Further

Are you curious about what our training courses can do for your dental practice? Get started with our complimentary Practice Analysis—a detailed assessment that reveals how our training can boost your practice’s financial success. Our experts will examine your practice and offer tailored insights. It’s the first step to unlocking the full potential of our courses and improving your practice’s financial health.