Are you a dental professional facing the all-too-common dilemma: “I’m working harder, but taking home less,” or perhaps hearing your team’s plea for raises with no room in the budget?

Your practice profitability may be hampered by a significant factor: overhead costs. In Utah, dental practices bear a hefty $500 hourly overhead cost, substantially influencing your ability to thrive financially.

The Profitability Challenge: Unveiling the Numbers

Consider the numbers for common dental procedures, like composite fills and all-porcelain crowns. The average PPO reimbursement for a composite fill is $120. When you factor in the $500 overhead cost, scheduling three 2-surface posterior composites within an hour would lead to a loss of $140, even with a hygiene appointment in tandem.

The situation isn’t much brighter with all-porcelain crowns. With a $720 PPO reimbursement rate and a build-up cost of $105, it may seem promising. However, your two-hour procedure carries a $1000 overhead, leaving you $175 in the red.

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The Transformation with MPMB Training

But here’s where the game changes: MPMB training. MPMB-trained offices generate an average of $210 in revenue for each 2-surface composite fill and $1425 for every all-porcelain crown, even when dealing with PPO plans.

This transformation is precisely what dental practitioners need to establish a sustainable and profitable practice. MPMB empowers you with a deep understanding of PPO contracts and state laws, enabling you to maximize your profitability without resorting to traditional consulting methods.

Discover the Hidden Potential of Your Practice

Every dental practice has untapped potential when it learns how to leverage insurance contracts and state laws to its advantage. By filling out the form, you can request a Free Practice Analysis that will help you uncover your unrealized revenue potential.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your practice’s financial health and fulfill your team’s aspirations. Let’s embark on this journey towards profitability together!