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Congratulations on completing the Clinical Business of Dentistry Introductory Course! At My Practice My Business, we’re here to take your dental practice to new heights. Dive deeper into our training courses and discover the power of offering choices to your patients. Experience firsthand how our expert-led programs can supercharge your net revenue and transform your practice into a patient-centric powerhouse.

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What Our Clients Say

“I’d highly recommend this training because it’s helped us take better care of our patients, helped us come together as a team and we’ve benefitted financially.”

—Mark Fullmer, Art City Dental

“As we run the end of month, it’s really cool to see how much it’s gone up. Which is pretty remarkable. It’s not making a running total in your head until you see it on paper, and you realize how much more effective the practice is after the training.”

—Gina Christensen, Petersen Dental