At MPMB, our Advanced Dental Business Training is guaranteed to give dentists and office managers advantages not found in corporate dentistry.

In today’s world, dentists are being told to join a DSO, work for corporate dentistry, or they’ll never make it going solo. Nothing could be further from the truth!

  • 3 days of in-person training
  • Hands-on experience
  • Group engagement
  • Follow-up consultations for 1 year
  • 20 CE credits
  • Lunch & snacks provided

Our Advanced Dental Business Training helps dentists and their front office team members master the business skills needed to run a profitable dental practice. They gain hands-on experience analyzing procedural profitability, insurance contracts, office workflows, and more. Most importantly, they receive one-on-one training with professionals who have business degrees and real-world dental experience.

*Attendance at the Dental Business Team Training is a prerequisite.


Our Curriculum Includes:

  • Master cutting-edge dental analytical software (My Dental Stats).
  • Analyze procedure profitability.
  • Set profit margins per procedure.
  • Employ advanced analytics for PPO fee negotiations.
  • Detect and recover lost revenue.
  • Generate and assess monthly profit-loss reports.
  • Hone leadership skills for conflict resolution in healthcare.
  • Effectively handle manipulative EOBs and representatives.
  • Explore additional key topics in professional development.

Dental practices, with dentists and front office members who complete this advanced dental business course, can enjoy REAL financial freedom while delivering patient care at a higher level than they have before.

Insurance Regulations

Dental Laws

Profitability Methods

Dental Network

Invest in Your Career

Our training has helped hundreds of dentists & office managers acquire critical business skills. We are so confident it will positively impact your dental practice that we guarantee our training.

Total Tuition = $15,000

Utah Facility:

  • Deposit = $5,000
  • Monthly payment of 20% of increased revenue from team training
  • Two attendees. $2,000 per additional attendee


  • One room: $15,000 (double occupancy)
  • Two or more rooms: $12,000 each (double occupancy)
  • Includes hotel, meals, and other events.
  • Travel not included. 

Exclusive Access to MDS

My Dental Stats (MDS) is a web-based application that was developed by My Practice My Business team members. Simply stated, MDS is unlike any dental analytic tool you have ever experienced. It was rolled out at our Hawaii Advanced Dental Business Training in October 2022, and blew away everyone in attendance. MDS is exclusively for our MPMB clients. The unfortunate truth is every dental practice needs to apply what our clients learn from utilizing MDS, so get trained!


Train at Our Facility or in Hawaii

The training is the same, but there’s just something about being at the beautiful Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii that makes it an experience you will never forget. Learn more about the Office Manager Training in Hawaii.

Hawaii Training

What Our Clients Say

“It’s been lucrative for us, and the patients have been very happy as well.”

— Marnie Poppleton

“The training empowers our patients and it also empowers us.”

— Lara Mackay

“Absolutely love the fact that they taught me as an office manager how to complete upgrades to billing that are legal and ethical.”

T&T Services

“MPMB has helped me all across the board!! From loopholes with insurance, verbiage when speaking with patients educating them on upgrades, and the little details that build up to the bigger picture… Just consider this review a 6 out of 5 stars!”

Alanna Morton

“Absolutely love the fact that they taught me as an office manager how to complete upgrades to billing that are legal and ethical.”

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