Refresh your knowledge and sharpen your skills on any previously attended course.

The Dental Business Refresher is only available for dental offices that have already attended training. The Refresher is great for practices with new team members or teams who went through training a while ago and need to refocus and get everyone on the same page again. As technology improves, laws and regulations change, and dental insurance plans attempt to complicate our lives, it’s imperative you keep your team up to date to maximize profitability.

Invest in Your Team

Many business leaders recommend that you invest in your team just as much as you invest in other aspects of your business. Keeping your team up-to-date is critical to your practice’s success. It’s our mission to help keep you profitable as dentistry constantly evolves.

Team Training: $15,000
– Entire Team
– 3 Days

Advanced Training: $8,000
– Docs & Front Office
– 3+ Days

Full Refresh: $20,000
– All 3 Courses
– Entire Team Refresh

What Our Clients Say

“We got SO MUCH MORE than we were even hoping for!! Can’t recommend the team training enough!! Worth every penny, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Completely changed the office culture/outlook/mentality. Rob and Tracy know what they’re talking about and it’s made all the difference in work and home life!!”

Tyson Petersen, Tyson Petersen DDS
“Any dentist who is up to their eyeballs in PPO’s NEEDS this! Run, do not walk to learn this valuable information!”
Shawn Leonard

“This was the best training I have ever been through. I have been through other training with promises that never came through. This was different with Rob & Tracy, the promises have come through. They literally saved my practice. I was within weeks of shutting down with no hope. Now we hope and are doing better than we have in years. Jump in all the way. There is nothing to lose but there is a lot to be gained. Just Do It!!!”

Brent Butler, Brigham City Dental
“Forget what you THINK you know about the dental world and go with an open mind and willingness to learn a new way to run your business! Rob and Tracy and their entire staff are very engaging and are great hosts! Cannot recommend their courses enough! Brilliant and enlightening!”
Jamie Larsen
“We all wondered what they could possibly talk about for 3 days! Well folks- it’s difficult to sit that long but we learned so much and in a fun entertaining way…I have been in the dental field for almost 50 years. In fact, I’m going to retire soon. But I do not regret a minute of the time I spent these past 3 days. So worth it.”
Donna Lee
“This is the first training that I have done where there was an immediate return on my investment. It makes so much sense. Also, I was so impressed with their dental insurance knowledge!”
Dr. Cliff Doman, Doman Dental

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