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Here are a few of the stories behind the wonderful people we are privileged to work with.

“We’ve done several things before and we haven’t gotten hardly anything out of it. This is almost an instant return on your money. It’s the first time someone has trained us on something that makes sense for our business.”

— Rocky Doman, Doman Dental

“As we run the end of month, it’s really cool to see how much it’s gone up. Which is pretty remarkable. It’s not making a running total in your head until you see it on paper, and you realize how much more effective the practice is after the training.”

— Gina Christensen, Petersen Dental

“The training empowers our patients and it also empowers us.”

— Lara Mackay, Art City Dental

“After training with Rob and Tracy my job was exponentially easier because I actually understood what I was doing. I understood how to help my doctor better… It’s just changed our practice completely.”

— Karlee White, White Family Dental

“The training for me personally with my job as the insurance specialist has been huge. Rob and Tracy really helped me with a higher understanding of how insurance works.”

— Savannah Thorpe, Art City Dental

“It’s been lucrative for us, and the patients have been very happy as well.”

— Marnie Poppleton, South Valley Family Dental

“I’m a number person, and when I look at the numbers and see our goals I’m excited now.”

— Stacie Curwen, Gentle Touch Family Dentistry

“We have been able to reach beyond our goals… It totally turned our practice around.”

— Maxine Bona, Art City Dental

“At first I thought we were going to lose a lot of patients… But patients actually love the changes we’ve made and they’re more educated.”

— Shari Caffaro, Lexington Heights Dental

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