Guaranteed Dental Business Training

Our training equips your entire team with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully operate a profitable practice. We offer live, real-world training and a results-driven approach that sets us apart. We back our training with a unique guarantee – we only profit when your net revenue increases. You have nothing to lose and a lot of revenue to gain!

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The average dental practice increases monthly net revenue by $8k-$14k in their first month. 

Increase Profitability

Increase Net Revenue

Learn how to legally and ethically profit from additional revenue streams within the everyday, need-based dentistry you are already doing.

Improve Patient Care

Learn how to stop treating patients to insurance limitations by educating them on their choices. Choice promotes trust.

Boost Employee Satisfaction

Help your team learn what it takes to run a profitable practice and then reward them for their high-level performance. 

It’s a Team Event

Get out of the office with your entire team at our state-of-the-art facility in South Jordan, Utah, for an unforgettable team-building and training experience. While we highly recommend that all team members attend together, team members can attend different sessions if necessary.

“We got SO MUCH MORE than we were even hoping for!! Can’t recommend the team training enough!! Worth every penny, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Completely changed the office culture/outlook/mentality. Rob and Tracy know what they’re talking about and it’s made all the difference in our work and home life!!”

Tyson Petersen, Tyson Petersen DDS
“Any dentist who is up to their eyeballs in PPO’s NEEDS this! Run, do not walk to learn this valuable information!”
Shawn Leonard

“This was the best training I have ever been through. I have been through other training with promises that never came through. This was different with Rob & Tracy. The promises have come through. They literally saved my practice. I was within weeks of shutting down with no hope. Now we hope and are doing better than we have in years. Jump in all the way. There is nothing to lose but there is a lot to be gained. Just Do It!!!”

Brent. Butler, Brigham City Dental

“Forget what you THINK you know about the dental world and go with an open mind and willingness to learn a new way to run your business! Rob and Tracy and their entire staff are very engaging and are great hosts! Can’t recommend their courses enough! Brilliant and enlightening!”

Jamie Larsen

“We all wondered what they could possibly talk about for 3 days! Well folks… we learned so much and in a fun entertaining way! I have been in the dental field for almost 50 years. In fact, I’m going to retire soon. But I do not regret a minute of the time I spent these past 3 days. So worth it.”

Donna Lee
“This is the first training that I have done where there was an immediate return on my investment. It makes so much sense. Also, I was so impressed with their dental insurance knowledge!”
Dr. Cliff Doman, Doman Dental

Increase Net Revenue, Guaranteed!

Our dental business team training has helped hundreds of offices increase net revenue. We are so confident it will positively impact your practice that we guarantee our training. This means we only make money if you increase net revenue.

After you pay the down payment, the remaining balance is collected monthly as 20% of your new monthly revenue until it’s paid off. That means you make (and keep) about $140,000 in new revenue during that time! This is based on underutilized CDT codes and other codes you don’t know about on the same procedures you do every day. There’s no cramming the schedule or other gimmicky nonsense!

  • Downpayment = $5,000
  • Total Tuition = $40,000
  • My Dental Docs Subscription = $199/month

Invest in Your Team

Creating a positive workplace environment where each team member feels valued takes a lot of work. Dental wages are struggling to keep up with the cost of living – and you can’t draw from a dry well. Our training increases net revenue unlike any other dental business training and gives you the financial freedom to increase staff wages, offer bonuses, and take team excursions. 

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Catered to the Needs of Your Practice

Our dental business training focuses on the operational aspects of your practice, in addition to very specific business protocols that are laser-focused on dentistry. We dedicate time to answer your questions and pose challenging ideas that help your team think outside the box and away from the status quo. During training we work with you to analyze dental business metrics, which include the following:

  • Direct Operating Cost
  • Product Differentiation
  • Cost of Goods
  • Insurance Reimbursement Rates

Reviewing these topics helps us identify problems and create a custom plan for your team that’s guaranteed to increase net revenue.

Training on these business topics helps dental teams understand the real direct operating costs of running a dental practice. Your team members will develop a greater appreciation for everyone else and their responsibilities. Most important, they will understand where wages actually come from, and how to take ownership of the profitability of the practice. When this happens, financial stability and team morale improve. 

What Our Clients Say

“The patients have been really excited by it. They are given options, and so far I haven’t had a negative response.” 

— Dr. Mark Fullmer, Art City Dental

“The training with MPMB is very different from other experiences that I’ve had in the sense that they really care about the patients and they really care about us as providers.”

— Natalie, Woodland Park Dental

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Frequently Asked Questions

For optimal results, we highly recommend that your entire team attends all 3 days of training, or for an additional fee, select team members can watch the training modules virtually and take quizzes after each module to ensure retention of the information given. A unified approach ensures a quicker return on investment and helps every team member understand the critical factors contributing to a profitable dental practice.

Our comprehensive dental business training covers a wide range of essential topics, and we continually update the course to stay current with dental policies, laws, and research. From empowering patients with choice to making research-based decisions, our training philosophy focuses on working smarter and maximizing practice efficiency.

  • Insurance Rules, Regulations and State Laws
  • Profit and Loss
  • Treatments and Procedures
  • Underutilized Procedures and Created Codes
  • KPIs, Statistics, QuickBooks and Day Sheets
  • EOBs, Insurance Tactics and How to Fight Back
  • Office Flow: Keeping it Simple
  • Scheduling, Realistic Goals and Payrolls
  • Presenting treatment
  • Marketing, Communications and Social Media

Most practices pay the entire tuition within 6-12 months, with additional revenue totaling up to $180k in less than a year. Rare outliers may take a few months longer, but our clients typically experience significant financial benefits through the implementation of trackable codes previously unused.

Our training calendar evolves rapidly due to high demand, so for the most up-to-date available dates, get in touch with us. Please note that to secure your training date, we require a signed contract and a deposit payment.

With our guaranteed training, we are confident in the revenue growth our clients achieve. However, in the rare case that your practice doesn’t see an increase in revenue, we won’t charge you anything. Our commitment to transparency and real results ensures that your investment is secure.

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Within the first year after your training, we will provide free training for any new hires. After that period, your team members can attend a refresher course to stay up-to-date and continue implementing successful strategies.

We offer guaranteed training, meaning we only profit if your practice sees an increase in revenue. Our instructors possess a combination of real-life dental experience and business degrees, ensuring practical and applicable knowledge. We also excel in helping you navigate dental state laws and PPO contracts to prevent revenue loss effectively.

While virtual training is ideal for highly motivated offices dedicated to trying new approaches, in-person training has proven to yield faster success for most practices. Our engaging sessions allow your team to implement the discussed principles actively. For out-of-state practices with large teams (15+), our recommended hybrid training offers the benefits of in-person training for key team members attending on-site while others can watch the training virtually.

Our training philosophy centers on (1) working smarter, not harder, (2) empowering patients with choice, and (3) making research-based decisions to optimize practice performance.

We believe in delivering impactful results right from the start. Our three-day training allows us to cover multiple topics comprehensively, encourage practice implementation through role-play, gain hands-on experience with live patients, practice implementation, and ensure your team gains a solid grasp of the concepts through regular quizzes.

For your convenience, we recommend the Hyatt Place in Salt Lake City/Cottonwood, and we have special pricing available for our attendees.

To customize the training process for your team, we will work with you to gather detailed information about your practice through our provided worksheets, requiring approximately 3-8 hours of your office’s time.

We are committed to your long-term success. After training, we remain available to answer any questions and even assist with three-way calls to insurance companies. We also offer virtual monthly training sessions to keep you updated with the latest trends and changes in dentistry.

We believe in empowering you to make the best decisions for your practice. Unlike other consultants, we respect your autonomy and will never force you to adopt specific practices. However, we are here to guide you through these decisions if needed.

My Dental Docs is a web-based platform with case presentation documents that enhance case acceptance by educating patients transparently on specific dental procedures’ materials and techniques. This software is REQUIRED for training as specific “rules” must be adhered to for implementation, both legally and contractually, with the insurance companies you participate with. You must keep the subscription for one year, but after that, it can be canceled at any time.

To ensure your practice’s success with our training, we don’t allow team members to attend the training on Zoom, but for an additional fee, team members can attend our virtual training online, where they watch a series of videos and answer quizzes after each module to ensure retention of the information learned. Having said that, our analytics show that offices whose entire team attends in-person perform better.

Before training, we review your code-specific annual production report to identify codes your practice isn’t currently using. After training, we regularly review your report to determine the revenue increase directly associated with the implementation of these specific codes or services covered during the training that wasn’t used previously.