Dental insurance simply doesn’t cover the high-quality dentistry our patients deserve.

Most offices write off thousands of dollars every month because of this.

You DO NOT need to give away your hard work with PPO Patients, let alone FFS patients. We help offices gain skills and knowledge that improve net revenue and patient care.


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A few questions to consider:

  • Do PPO plans dictate the quality of dentistry you provide your patients?
  • When was the last time you or your team had a raise?
  • Does your profitability represent how hard your team works?

After working with hundreds of offices, we’ve noticed that many feel pressure to treat patients according to insurance limitations. With the rapid increase in the cost of living and low dental insurance reimbursement rates, there’s never been a better time than now to learn how to increase profitability.

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Discover your practice’s financial potential with our free profitability analysis. We will show you potential revenue streams within the need-based dentistry you currently provide. We will never tell you to cram the schedule or overdiagnose patients. Our training will simply increase net revenue, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


  1. Click the office manager icon
  2. Click “Reports”
  3. Click “Management”
  4. Click “Practice Analysis Report”
  5. Select date range for a 12-month period
  6. Select “by procedure code range”
  7. Select “Print”
  8. Save as a pdf

Open Dental

  1. Click “reports”
  2. Click “standard”
  3. Inside “daily” click on “procedures”
  4. Select date range for a 12-month period
  5. Select “grouped by procedure code” under “type”
  6. Save as a pdf

Eagle Soft

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Click on Services tab
  3. Select Service Code Productivity Master
  4. Report should show MTD and YTD totals of all procedures for practice by ADA code (no input of date ranges—only MTD and YTD) Note: To retrieve prior year after closing out, must have saved data to SmartDocs.
  5. Main Office
  6. List—practice information
  7. SmartDocs—scroll down to Production


  1. Report
  2. Practice Management
  3. Production Reports
  4. By ADA
  6. Go to Office
  7. Select Reports
  8. Select Financial
  9. Select Production Analysis Reports
  10. Select Practice
  11. Select Date Range

Carestream/Practice Works

  1. ADA Coded Fee Schedule
  2. File
  3. Print
  4. Other/Misc. Reports
  5. Treatment Code List
  6. ADA Coded Procedure Count
  7. File
  8. Print Other/Misc. Reports
  9. Production by treatment class
  10. Enter date range

EZ Dental System

  1. Go to Reports Module
  2. Select Management Reports
  3. Select Production Summary
  4. “Un-Select” By Category

You’ll know it’s been printed off correctly if it shows specific codes for each of the procedures.


What Our Clients Say

“I’d highly recommend this training because it’s helped us take better care of our patients, helped us come together as a team and we’ve benefitted financially.”

—Mark Fullmer, Art City Dental

“As we run the end of month, it’s really cool to see how much it’s gone up. Which is pretty remarkable. It’s not making a running total in your head until you see it on paper, and you realize how much more effective the practice is after the training.”

—Gina Christensen, Petersen Dental

Free Profitability Analysis


Baylee Gunnell

Client Relations

We look forward to discussing solutions with you and your team.

  • Review codes you’re currently using
  • Discover potential revenue streams
  • Explore training option

*Instructions to pull practice analysis report available above. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance.