The team at My Practice My Business is made up of dental professionals and technology specialists who have been creating dental practice centric products and training since 2005. Our mission at My Practice My Businesshas been to create simple to use cloud-based dental software and easy-to-implement dental consulting that significantly increases practice revenues with need-based dentistry.

We are specialized instructors of “clinical business” with our Clinical Business of Dentistry Training. We simply teach dentists, dental teams, and dental consultants how to increase practice revenue through the use of our key methods and products, with everyday dentistry.

Our two cloud-based dental software products that are improving the success of practices nationwide are:

My Dental Docs and My Dental Stats.

These amazing cloud-based dental software products, coupled with our Clinical Business of Dentistry Training, are significantly improving the practices we serve.

My Dental Stats is a cloud-based dental software that reads into your practice management software and extracts data that is turned into relevant business graphs for you to monitor the health of your practice. As stated by leaders in the dental industry, our statistical dashboard of key point indicators promotes oral health care and prevents lost revenue. You have to experience My Dental Stats to fully understand how it accomplishes the above.

My Dental Docs, our one-of-a-kind patent pending cloud-based dental software is an independent stand-alone software that everyone can and should use in their day-to-day treatment presentations. My Dental Docs is a proven system that helps practices improve treatment acceptance by simply explaining the “why” behind conditions, treatments, and products with easy to read, informative treatment documents. These documents simply augment the financial treatment planners we give our patients from our practice management software, and helps them place oral health care as a top priority. My Dental Docs also has dental consent forms for most all procedures, and post-operative documents for your patient’s home care following dental procedures.

Last is our Clinical Business of Dentistry Training that teaches dentists and their teams in the following:
• How to differentiate products and services, unlike traditional case presentation, and charge for it, regardless of insurance or fee-for-service.
• The application of simple business principles to increase profitability.
• How to easily monitor meaningful “key point indicators” to increase revenue and prevent lost revenue.
• Understanding the “why” that motivates case acceptance.

In addition, we have additional in-office courses in the Clinical Business of Dentistry Training that can help your front office members reach goals never before realized in the field of dentistry. These courses include:

  • Office Manager Training (our flagship training)
  • Effective Case Presentation
  • Communications and Team Development
  • Simplification of Systems and Protocols

We guarantee an unconditional return on investment or your money back! Who else does that? We do at My Practice My Business, it’s just our thought leadership treating our client members how we would want to be treated.

We invite you to explore our company, and find out for yourself our value to you and your team!


Rob Thorup, DDS

Director of Clinical Development

And the Team at My Practice My Business

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