Unlock Success with Dental Business Courses: We Don’t Just Talk Profitability, We Guarantee It!

Dental insurance simply doesn’t cover the cost of high-quality dentistry our patients deserve. Because of this, dental offices are forced to either write off thousands of dollars every month or use cheaper materials. In either scenario someone loses.

Our dental business courses focus on principles that increase net revenue, employee retention, and patient satisfaction, so everyone can win. We have trained hundreds of dental practices and know what it takes to be profitable with nearly every procedure on every patient, with or without insurance. All courses are AGD/PACE CE approved.

Featured Courses

Essential Front Office Training

Study the patient journey, from setting an appointment to paying for services. Learn how to overcome dental office challenges involving communication, leadership, and insurance protocols.

  • 3 Days
  • Front Office
  • Live
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Dental Business Team Training

Our most popular course: The team will learn how to take “ownership” of patient care and practice success; understand direct operating costs, insurance contracts, state laws, and other business components; and significantly increase profitability and patient trust.

  • 3 Days
  • The Entire Team
  • Live or Virtual
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Advanced Dental Business Training

Master business skills needed to streamline workflows, manage each aspect of a profitable dental practice, understand advanced analytics using My Dental Docs.

  • 3+ Days
  • Docs + Front Office
  • Live
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Additional Dental Business Courses

Dental Business Lecture Series

Learn practical business principles each month to boost confidence in making business decisions. Connect with other dental offices and strengthen teamwork between doctors and front office staff.

  • 2 Hours Monthly
  • Docs + Front Office
  • Live or Virtual
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CEREC Design, Stain & Glaze Training

CEREC Training

Gain a unique, hands-on experience in design, staining, and glazing techniques using CEREC and learn how fun, profit­able, and easy it is for the entire dental team.

  • 5 Hours
  • Dentists + Assistants
  • Live
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Dental Business Refresher Course

For dental offices that have previously undergone team training, bring your team up to speed and enhance their performance, whether it’s after personnel turnover or simply to hone their skills.

  • 8-20 Hours
  • The Entire Team
  • Live or Virtual
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Introductory Course

Experience a snippet of our main training courses. Learn about dental insurance misinformation, state laws, and how to be profitable with some of your day-to-day procedures.

  • 2 Hours
  • Dentists & Office Managers
  • Live or Virtual
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Not Sure Which Course Is Right For You?

Visit our training overview page, where you can assess courses and complete a quiz to pinpoint the perfect fit for your needs! Our objective is to equip you with the knowledge required for a well-informed decision-making process.

Which Training Is Right For YOU

Some of Our Clients

Elevate Your Practice with Dental Business Courses

Our Dental Business Courses are a game-changer for dental professionals and practices, offering a unique blend of expertise and guaranteed results. Our courses focus on principles that increase net revenue, employee retention, and patient satisfaction in an industry where dental insurance often falls short of covering the high-quality care patients deserve. We understand the challenges dental offices face and we provide actionable solutions to ensure everyone wins.

Dr. Rob & Tracy Thorup

Dr. Rob and Tracy teach dentists, and their teams, business skills, PPO contractual truths, and state laws that increase net practice profitability. They both were the architects of the Dental Leasing, Down-coding, and Bundling Protections Law in Utah, and continue to work on legislation that protects dentists and the patients they serve.

Your Success is Our Success: The MPMB Guarantee

At My Practice My Business, we are so confident that our training will positively impact your practice that we only succeed if you do. If you don’t see increased profitability, we don’t get paid. It’s dental consulting the way it should be and our way of ensuring your practice’s success. Join thousands of dental professionals who have benefited from our dental business courses and experience the change for yourself.

What Our Clients Say

“My Practice My Business changed the way I feel about dentistry. It’s the best decision I’ve made as a dentist.”

— Dr. Cliff Doman, Doman Dental

More Testimonials

“MPMB has changed our practice forever… They care a lot about what they are sharing and want these practices to succeed and thrive. One of the best trainings our office has ever done.”

Kiera Singleton

“Such an amazing company if you are looking to take your practice to the next level.”

Glen Young

“Our entire office has been through their training and love the changes we are seeing!”

Ashley Mitchell

“Great course to learn how to be a better clinician and be more profitable for the practice!”

Kelli Orchard