Join us to delve deep into practical business principles that empower your practice’s growth while streamlining day-to-day operations. Led by seasoned professionals with real dental expertise, the lecture series will instill the confidence dental teams need to make informed business decisions.

Each month, we dive into a specific topic centered on dental practice management. Our interactive sessions allow participants to exchange insights and also gain valuable perspective from our esteemed guest speakers.

  • Registration Fee: $95

  • Docs + Front Office (Limit: 2 attendees per office)

  • Live or Virtual

  • CE Credits: 2

Course Schedule

March 14, 2024 – From Vision to Mission to Success

Learn about crafting both public and private mission statements that define your practice’s unique purpose. Discover the power of your brand and how it sets you apart. Drawing inspiration from the book Lessons from the Mouse by Dennis Snow, we’ll delve into creating memorable experiences for both patients and team members. Guest sponsor:


April 11, 2024 – Employee Attraction and Retention: The Art of Finding & Keeping Talent

Join us as we uncover the secrets to attracting and retaining top-tier talent in your dental practice. Navigate salaries and bonuses, learning what truly works and why. Drawing inspiration from the book The Coffee Bean, we’ll explore the transformative power of cultivating a positive workplace culture. Guest sponsor:


May 16, 2024 – Financial Decisions: DSOs to Solo Practices

Discover the truths, and myths, about DSOs. We’ll navigate the corporate landscape, exploring what EBITA truly means and what DSOs might not reveal. Learn from investment experts as we decode the cons and pros of DSOs. Guest sponsor:


June 6, 2024 – From Payroll to Retirement: You better start now!

Join us as we discuss essential strategies for securing your dental practice’s future, from self-funding to expertly positioning it for sale. Learn the secrets to long-lasting success, whether you’re planning to step back or pass on your legacy. Guest sponsor:


July 11, 2024 – Trouble Free IT, is this a reality?

Let’s face it, Information Technology is becoming more and more a part of everything in a dental practice. Join us for an in-depth conversation about practical solutions to your IT worries. Guest sponsor:

Aug 22, 2024 – Real Analytics versus “Analysis Paralysis”

It’s easy to be confused by all of the endless metrics out there. It’s also easy to spend a lot of money without getting much in return. Join us to learn which dental business metrics make a difference and how you can use them to improve profitability. Guest sponsor:

Sep 19, 2024 – Dental Insurance Negotiations, and Other Crazy Things

Do you know which fee schedules you are on? Do you know which procedures have unprofitable reimbursement rates? Join us to learn when and how to negotiate with dental insurance companies.

Oct 10, 2024 – State Laws and How to Apply Them

For something that impacts the average dental office every day, relatively few people really know state laws that pertain to dentistry. Join us for an in-depth review of Utah’s HB359, The “Non-Covered” Law (Christiansen’s Law), and the DOCs Act. Special guests: Jim Dunnigan & Tanji Northrup

November 21, 2024 – A Simple Guide to Dental Marketing

Elevate your marketing game as we dive into proven strategies that attract patients and boost your practice’s success. Also, learn about in-house membership plans, which can boost patient loyalty while skipping the hassle of direct collections. Guest sponsors:

December 18, 2024 – Realistic and Attainable Financial Goal Setting

Learn the secret formula behind understanding your direct operating costs and how they lay the foundation for your financial aspirations. Discover the power of carrying capacities and the strategic decisions they unveil.

January, 2025 – The Magic of a Great Patient Experience

Join us as we discuss a proven method to create a remarkable patient experience. Discover how to unlock the secrets of elevating patient satisfaction in your dental practice. Guest sponsor:


February, 2025 – Lead to Succeed: It starts with the Doctor

Transform your leadership skills. Learn how serving your team sparks great leadership and cultivates a culture of growth and excellence. Drawing wisdom from the book Good to Great, we’ll explore the secrets of impactful leadership. Engage in unique challenges that bond your team and foster gratitude. Guest sponsor:


Lecture Instructors

Dr. Rob & Tracy Thorup

Dr. Rob and Tracy teach dentists, and their teams, business skills, PPO contractual truths, and state laws that increase net practice profitability. They both were the architects of the Dental Leasing, Down-coding, and Bundling Protections Law in Utah, and continue to work on legislation that protects dentists and the patients they serve.

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