The Clinical Business of Dentistry Training Courses


We are specialized instructors and consultants in the clinical business of dentistry

 We simply teach dentists and their teams how to increase practice revenue, not unproductive busy work, through the use of our key methods and services. All courses are AGD/PACE CE approved and taught at our training facility unless noted otherwise.

AGD Pace CE Certification

The Clinical Business of Dentistry Front Office/Team Training (at the MPMB Training Facility)

This 20-hour training includes an additional 12 hours of virtual or classroom implementation coaching. This course is quickly becoming one of our most popular! Front office members who complete the first 12 hours of this course receive the My Practice My Business Office Manager Certification, and are truly an asset to any dental practice. Graduates master our key business concepts, protocols, methods and services. Take your practice to a new level of profitability in a fun and caring way your patients and team members will love.
Course includes:

  • Introduction to Business and The Triad Model
  • Insurance Truths, Rules and Regulations, State Laws
  • Direct Operating Costs and Costs of Goods
  • Profit and Loss, No More Loss Leaders
  • Underutilized CDT Codes, Created Codes, and Multi-Codes
  • Anatomy and Procedures
  • KPIs, Statistics, QuickBooks, and Day Sheets
  • EOBs, Insurance Tactics and How to Fight Back
  •  Marketing, Communications, Social Media
  • The Three T’s
  • The Treatment Planner and Percentage Tables
  • Office Flow, Keeping it Simple
  • Scheduling, Realistic Goals and Payrolls
  • Team Development, Putting It All Together
  • Presenting Treatment Live Part One
  • Presenting Treatment Live Part Two
  • Team Presents Treatment to MPMB
  • Thought Leadership Part One
  • Thought Leadership Part Two
  • Team Reflection
$30,000 / Office
Payment plan available: $2,500 at signing + 20% of increased production on codes we train you to use. Call for details.
Oct 5-9
Oct 19-23
Nov 9-13
Dec 7-11

The Clinical Business of Dentistry VIRTUAL Front Office/Team Training

Everthing listed under the 20-hour Front Office Manager/Team Training-only VIRTUAL with videos and discussions via Zoom!  We know about dental codes, insurance rules and regulations, and simple business principles that most practices are not aware of, which WILL significantly increase your net production with the dentistry you currently do each day. We will not teach you how to work harder…instead we will show you and your team how to practice smarter, with clinical business skills rarely taught in dentistry, yet taught in every other industry. These skills will also improve the capabilities of your overworked office manager, streamline insurance tasks, and give your team exciting new knowledge that they can use every day.

  • We can’t wait to work with you!
$30,000 / Office
Payment plan available: $2,500 at signing + 20% of increased production on codes we train you to use. Call for details.
Oct 5-9
Oct 19-23
Nov 9-13
Dec 7-11

The Clinical Business of Dentistry Introductory Course

Insurance plans shrinking your profits? Working harder and taking home less? By attending this 3-hour seminar, you will be introduced to business skills that are much needed in dentistry and truths about dental insurance (as revealed by them) that will help you be profitable!
6:00pm – 8:30pm
Course includes:

  • How to differentiate products and services, unlike traditional case presentation, and charge for it… regardless of insurance or fee-for-service
  • Debunking myths about insurance contracts and how to be profitable with every PPO plan
  • Learn about insurance requirements for upgrading products and services
  • Understanding the biology of case presentation and learning simple steps to increase case acceptance
  • How to bridge the gap between diagnosis and case acceptance, which increases both oral health care and practice revenues
  • Important business principles often overlooked in dentistry, yet taught in business schools and applied in corporations across America
  • Learn about under-utilized CDT codes, multi-codes, and how to create new codes for dental technology
$39 / Person
3 hrs CE Credit:
Dates TBD

Why Periodontal Therapy Fails – A Business Approach

This 2-hour seminar is for hygienists and other dental team members who are interacting with patients every day who often need periodontal therapy.
Course includes:

  • Why periodontal therapy often fails, and it’s not what you think
  • Insurance truths and hidden revenue streams
  • Understanding Direct Operating Costs (DOC) per hour and profitability in periodontal therapy
  • Differentiating products and services – why we offer choice
  • Why case acceptance is biological, and how understanding the “why” is most important
  • Advanced case presentation for Periodontal Therapy
$29 / Person
2 hrs CE Credit:
By Appointment

The Clinical Business of Dentistry Team Training Refresher Course

For our previous clients only, this 6-hour training is for dental teams (up to 8 people) who want a refresher course to train new team members, as part of their annual training, or just to stay sharply focused on what made them successful.
Course includes:

  • Insurance truths and hidden revenue streams
  • DOC per hour and profitability
  • Differentiating Products and services, why we offer choice, and why patients care
  • Why case acceptance is biological
  • Codes, multi-codes, and created codes
  • Advanced case presentation with practical applications
$1,995 / Office
By Appointment

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